Moving your business toward success can feel overwhelming...

We help you to minimize risk and overcome challenges so your business can grow.


Navigating a business involves struggling with competing priorities that can leave an owner isolated and overwhelmed and that interfere with the business's opportunity to grow.

We understand the business owner's perspective. 

And, we have a lens into the real pain points of running a business.

By working with Momentum Business Operations, priorities are restructured,

risks are mitigated, processes are in place that actually work, productivity increases, 

and the owner's well-being improves.

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Do you experience any of these business challenges?


  • I have too much to do.
  • I can’t keep up with email.
  • Everything is a  priority.
  • My family says I work too much.
  • Why is my business  the only business with these issues?


  • They think we charge too much.
  • They don’t understand what we do.
  • They expect us to do extra work with the same budget and schedule.
  • They ask us to do work we are not experienced to  do.
  • When things go  wrong, I am uncomfortable talking to the client.


  • There are no good workers any more.
  • No one knows what they are supposed to do.
  • They show up late and/or take too many breaks.
  • They don’t do what I expect them to do.
  • They are always asking for raises.


 “Working  closely with Robin Hamilton has been extremely influential to my  business.  I can honestly say she has been a great  mentor in assisting  and guiding me with developing my company. Robin has  an expertise in the areas of hiring personnel, employer/employee communications, and  managing tasks in a productive and efficient  manner.  Guided by her direction, the daily operations and my skills as an employer have been  greatly enhanced." – Ed McDonald, Owner/Founder, McDonald Contracting.

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