We work with our clients to navigate through a wide range of business areas but often begin by addressing concerns around priority setting, time management and email inbox overload.

Other areas that clients often struggle with and we can guide them through include: business entity & insurance protections, basic administrative, accounting & finance, telecommunications, information technology, software & apps, human resources, payroll, communications, job estimating, project management, and knowledge management and everything else business that does not fit into one of these categories. 

We customize solutions for each client to move their business in the right direction.

Schedule our 1st call. We will determine if we are the right professional to work with you or we will recommend another type of professional or action you can take.

Assessment. We will recommend a mini or comprehensive assessment from the discussion we have on our 1st call. 


  • Monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly. 
  • One hour, one and a half hours, or two hours.


  • Face to face
  • Zoom video

Who does the work?

As we work with you, you decide whether we: 

  • Advise you and you take the actions.
  • Take the actions together at our meetings and/or through email and shared document methods.
  • Create unique solutions based on your learning and work style, and we work with you to implement them.